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Family Resource Center of Jackson County

Contact: Linda McElroy

Mailing Address: PO Box 250 
Webster, NC 28788 

Phone: 828-586-2845 

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 - 5pm.


Location: Coming from WCU, turn left at the Ingles Market intersection and travel toward Southwestern Community College on Highway 116.  After driving one mile, the Jackson County Family Resource Center will be on the right in the Southwestern Child Development Complex, a large stone building. 

Agency description: The Jackson County Family Resource Center offers a safe, friendly place where individuals and families of all "shapes and sizes" can come to learn about and access a variety of opportunities, services, and resources for mental, physical and emotional enrichment.  Located in the  "Old Webster School" in the Town of Webster, the Center is one of a number of such centers being developed across the region.  The Center has the following functions: 1) community center/meeting place; 2) training and education provider; 3) incubator for start-up human service projects; 4) information and referral source; 5) helper with child care and transportation issues; and 6) many other things. One of the goals of the Jackson County Family Resource Center is to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of the community.  Therefore, volunteer and internship opportunities will change as well.  Please call from time to time and check on new opportunities.  Possible activities for volunteers include: Program/Project development; family advocacy, case management, information and referral; public relations; training development; parent education; computer work; and other small odd jobs.

Time commitment: Varies.

Skills, Experiences, and special requirements: Volunteers should work well with and like people, although there may be some computer and other projects that would require limited contact with the public. 

Other requirements include: The ability to follow directions, resourcefulness, attention to detail, a commitment to quality, confidentiality, dependability, reliability, courtesy, motivation, willingness and eagerness to learn new and different things, self direction, excellent people and communication skills, friendliness, some experience with phones, office machines, and computers helpful. 

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