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Foster Parent Programs

Contact: Rhoda Ammons 

Mailing Address: DSS
538 Scotts Creek Road
Sylva, NC

Phone: 828-586-5546 


Agency description: Foster parents (married or single) provide care and support for children with emotional and behavioral problems.  Activities with the children may include: development of social skills, job seeking skills, living skills, hobbies/interests, supervision of homework, and recreation.  Foster parents may care for a child for short periods (1 or 2 weekends a month).  Children often come from dysfunctional or unstable families.  For many children the alternative to a foster home will be an excessively restrictive placement, whereas a normal family setting would help these children adjust and grow personally as their foster homes provide them with love, guidance, and hope for the future.  Foster parents receive financial compensation on state and federal levels for the children served.  Travel is also reimbursed. 

Training required: Training is provided before a child is placed in the home and also provides the foster home with more information with which to decide if taking a child into their home is for them.  Training is a valuable tool for deciding and understanding if fostering a child is for you. 

Time commitment: Respite foster care (1 or 2 weekends a month) and full time foster care is needed.  It is up to the foster family to decide.  You may also volunteer as a tutor or mentor.

Skills, experiences, and special requirements: All foster families go through training.  You must enjoy children and have a genuine interest in helping youth.  For more information call.

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