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Who Can Be A Volunteer?

**Anyone can be a volunteer; the only requirement is a desire to help.  Everyone has something special to give**

  • If you are new to the community or just want to be more invovled, volunteering can help you address issues of concern while you make new and diverse friends.  It can also help you know what's going on in your community.
  • If you are retired, you have spent a lifetime building knowledge and abilities.  You are a rich resource, and your extra time provides a great opportunity for you and our community.  You are able to answer many needs with life experiences.
  • If you are a student or a young person, volunteering lets you explore career possibilities and develop new skills while helping make Jackson County a better place to live.
  • If you are at home with your family, volunteering can broaden your world, develop your hidden talents, refresh your job skills and provide an example to other family members.
  • If you work full time, volunteering can add a new dimension to your life.  There are many opportunities to volunteer in the evenings, on weekends or during your lunch hour.